Indium 5.7LT-1

  • 5.7LT-1 - Indium

Indium5.7LT-1 is an air reflow, halogen-free, no-clean solder paste designed for assembly processes using Bi-based and In-based low-temperature alloys. This paste is a clear residue product with exceptional wetting capabilities. The low activation temperature of Indium5.7LT-1, in combination with the SnBi alloys, can be especially useful as a low-temperature, Pb-free solution.


  • Low-temperature Pb-free solution
  • Outstanding printing transfer efficiency with low variation between prints
  • Clear post-reflow flux residue
  • Solder beading and solder balling minimization performance
  • Exceptional wetting in air and nitrogen reflow
  • Halogen-free per EN14582 test method

Product data sheet: