Indium 10.1

  • 10.1 - Indium

Indium 10.1 is an air or nitrogen reflow, no-clean solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by SnAgCu and other Pb-free alloy systems favored by the electronics industry to replace Pb-bearing solders.

Indium 10.1 offers exceptional stencil print transfer efficiency to work in the broadest range of processes. In addition, the high oxidation resistance of Indium10.1 virtually eliminates incomplete coalescence (graping) of small deposits and the head-in-pillow defect.

Indium 10.1 also offers extremely low, large ground-plane voiding found in QFN components.


  •  Low voiding on QFN, BGA, and CSP components
  • Exceptional head-in-pillow resistance
  • High transfer efficiency and low variation through small apertures (≤0.66 AR)
  • Eliminates the graping phenomenon
  • Outstanding RF shield metallization wetting

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