Roartis IQ-BOND 9645-FL

  • IQ-BOND 9645-FL - Structural adhesives

IQ-CAST 9645-FL is a general purpose, solvent-free, two-component, unfilled, epoxy based adhesive and/or potting resin, developed for applications where high flexibility is required, combined with good chemical and moisture resistance.
IQ-CAST 9645-FL is based on the standard IQ-CAST 9640 AB, and as such, the base chemistry is suitable for applications, qualified to the BS 6920 standard for drinking water applications.
IQ-CAST 9645-FL is unfilled, and as such, will change to a light brownish color after curing, and after exposure to heat. This very typical for most common epoxy resins.
Although the viscosity of part A and part B of IQ-CAST 9645-FL is low, after mixing part A and part B together, the viscosity will very rapidly increase, resulting in a low flow material.
In case of automated dispensing processes however, the initial flow will also allow filling of smaller cavities. If the viscosity would still be too high for potting, warming up the resin and catalyst may further reduce the viscosity and improve the flowability.
IQ-CAST 9645-FL can be cured at room temperature in about 48 hours. When curing at elevated temperature, this cure process can be significantly reduced. However, when casting larger volumes, please pay attention to the self-heat generating properties of epoxy resins, which can result in bubble-formation. As such, it’s recommended to allow the resin to gel at room temperature prior to exposing it to a heat-cure.
When fully cured, the IQ-CAST 9645-FL is resistant to moisture, most cleaning agents and dilute acids and bases. The epoxy-based chemistry provides good adhesion strength on a variety of substrates, such as metals, ceramics, glass and a variety of plastics.
IQ-CAST 9645-FL is REACH and ROHS compliant.
For cleaning un-cured IQ-CAST 9645-FL from stencils, screens, squeegee, or other equipment, the use of IQ-CLEANER 9500 is recommended.
Typical properties of mixed IQ-CAST 9645-FL + CATALYST RT24:
  • Mix-Ratio by weight: 100 parts A + 25 parts B
  • Appearance: Light Beige Liquid
  • Chemistry: Epoxy
  • Mixed Viscosity at t0 (25°C): ~ 13.000 mPa.s (Brookfield RVDVII – 25°C – 5 rpm)
  • Mixed Viscosity after 10 minutes: ~ 250.000 mPa.s (Brookfield RVDVII – 25°C – 5 rpm)
  • Worklife / Potlife*: > 2 hours at 25°C
Remark: worklife defined as time that material remains liquid / but high viscous, after the initial fast viscosity increase!
  • Possible cure profiles:
    • 48 hrs. @ 25°C
    • 6 hrs. @ 60°C
    • 1 hr. @ 100°C
    • 15 min. @ 120°C
Trials have shown good properties when curing 24hr at 25°C + 3 hrs 60°C.