Roartis IQ-BOND 8424 UV

  • IQ-BOND 8424 UV - Optically clear UV-curable adhesives

IQ-BOND 8424 UV is a UV-curable, solvent-free, one-component, pre-mixed, acrylic based adhesive, developed for optical applications. The chemistry of IQ-BOND 8424 UV has been optimized to make it especially suitable for applications where non yellowing is important when exposed to heat.
Typical applications include bonding of glass and metals where high adhesion strength, hardness, flexibility, optical transparency and humidity resistance is required.
IQ-BOND 8424 UV has been developed for optical applications where a crystal clear appearance is required.
For cleaning un-cured IQ-BOND 8424 UV, the use of IQ-CLEANER 9500 is recommended.
Uncured product properties:
  • Appearance: Transparent - Clear
  • Chemistry: Acrylic
  • Odor: Faint
  • Density: ~ 1,06 gr/cc
  • Mix-Ratio: Not Applicable – pre-mixed single component adhesive
  • Viscosity: ~ 7.000 mPa.s (@ 25°C – 2 rpm – CP51)
  • Cure Speed:
    • Spectrum: 320 – 500 nm; UV and visible light
    • Intensity: 50 – 5000 mW/cm²
    • *Time: 1 – 60 seconds
    • *Dose = Intensity x Time: 1000 – 3000 mJ/cm²
* Depending layer thickness, and intensity of the UV equipment, as well as the UV transparency of the substrate(s)
Remark: Most UV-acrylics result in a tacky surface after UV-cure, depending the layer thickness. In case of IQ-BOND 8424 UV however, the formulation is optimized to result in non-tacky surface after cure.
In case a tacky surface would be present, this may be reduced by exposing longer UV-cure time and/or by curing under a N2 or CO2 atmosphere, to prevent oxygen-inhibition UV-adhesive.
Cured product properties:
  • Temperature range of use: -40°C to + 130°C
  • Refractive Index, cured: ~ 1,50
  • Thyxotropic Index: ~ 1,0
  • Shore hardness: ~ 60 shore D
  • Adhesion strength: > 200 kg/cm²