Balver Zinn / Cobar Flux Wave soldering

  • Wave soldering - Balver Zinn - Cobar

VOC (100% alcohol)

  • ​390-RX-HT+ - High reliability synthetic flux, high SIR, extreme low residues
    This high-reliability flux is specifically developed for higher thermal impacts (high/long preheat with increased contact times) like in Pb-free wave soldering. The flux shows high SIR values under the most critical test conditions and gives low residues.
  • ​390-RX-HT - Very known technology, reliable, moderate preheating

​VOC free (water based)

  • 396-DRX-M+ - Environmentally friendly, no restriction for storage

​Low VOC

  • 95-RXZ-M - Easier to use as VOC free, good wetting for lead-free