LPKF ProtoMat E44

  • ProtoMat E44 - LPKF


With a high precision spindle motor up to 40 000 rpm, pristine copper milling is achieved from the base material. The LPKF ProtoMat E44 is a low-cost introduction to the world of professional printed circuit board prototyping.

The main area is milling structures in copper-coated circuit board material, drilling through-holes, and milling out individual circuit boards from larger panels. It offers a level of precision similar to that of the highspeed systems of the S-series ProtoMats, but concentrates on the basics. For manual tool change it possesses a collet with a precise height adjustment by micrometer screw.

In addition to increased positioning accuracy with double-sided printed circuit boards, the camera with its measuring function enables milled slots to be set more easily. With a resolution of less than 1 μm, a repeat accuracy of ± 5 μm, and a precision of ± 20 μm in the fitting hole system, the small ProtoMat circuit board plotter is more than able to meet the demands of milling single and double-sided printed circuit boards.


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