LPKF ProtoFlow S4

  • ProtoFlow S4 - Lemljenje


The LPKF ProtoFlow S4 compact hot-air oven is the ideal device for RoHS-compliant lead-free reflow soldering. The optimal process parameters for the respective solder can be saved in the integrated software. Apart from predefined process profiles, any custom temperature profiles and process times can be set in the software. They can be saved as custom profiles. Active cooling at the end of the soldering process with the chamber closed prevents uncontrolled temperature fluctuations in the material. Four thermocouples ensure perfect heat distribution in the process chamber and regulate the infrared heating elements on the upper and lower sides of the chamber separately. With the help of a freely positionable additional temperature sensor, critical regions right on the PCB can be separately monitored. The low-vibration PCB mount in the process chamber supports processing of double-sided PCB assemblies.

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