LPKF ZelFlex Protect

  • ZelFlex Protect - Brzo-otpuštajući okviri


One of the greatest advantages of LPKF ZelFlex Protect is it's unique design and simple handling, while the protection of stencil and operator is increased. The new ZelFlex Protect offers significant advantages in comparison to other framing solutions.

The metal stencil is permanently fixed into the protective frame. This makes handling easier and prevents possible operator injuries on the sharp stencil edges.

Stencils are kept in the protective frame for as long as they are nedded. The unique solution allows the stencil to be washed and stored together with the protective frame. It can be reused after a stencil is obsolete.

The frame design enables direct and quick clamping of stencils. Additional tools are not required. Handling wih the ZelFlex protective system is easy, and it does not require any special skills.

The frame is available in standard 584 x 584 x 25 mm (23" x 23" x 1") version and it is also available with an adapter to full size 736 x 736 mm (29" x 29").