Elmasonic X-tra XL

  • X-tra XL - Čišćenje tiskanih pločica i metala - ultrazvučni proces


Strong and powerful stand-alone units for the industrial parts cleaning, available in 3 different sizes from 140 l up to 300 l tank capacity. Perfect for the removal of polishing pastes, particles, and fats and oils. The units are equipped with multi-frequency transducer systems (25 / 45 kHz), mounted either to the bottom or to 2 or 3 sides. A separate device for controlling the cavitation fields can be ordered as an optional feature (on units with 2-side ultrasound). The control allows an additional optimized sound field distribution, stationary sound pressure maxima and minima are avoided. Cavitation damage and "surface shadows" on particularly sensitive surfaces are prevented. The surfaces are treated perfectly gently.

Product features

  • Large ultrasonic units available in 3 sizes from 140 l up to approx. 300 l
  • Ideal for the removal of polishing pastes, particles, fats and oils
  • High ultrasonic cleaning power with bottom-mounted ultrasound, or with side-mounted ultrasound on 2 or 3 sides
  • Multifrequency for rough and fine cleaning at 25 or 45 kHz
  • Industrial operating panel with display, very easy operation, clearly arranged display
  • "Controlled cavitation field": with side-mounted ultrasound on 2 sides, the cavitation fields can be controlled to optimize the sound field distribution
  • All units are equipped with oil overflow basin to allow the connection of an oil separator
  • Optional: cleaning basket oscillation device for rinsing off contaminations in the bath
  • Very high heating power
  • Optional: hinged flip-top noise protection cover for the reduction of the noise level
  • All units equipped with Pulse mode to increase the ultrasonic power through sound wave modulation
  • Sweep mode to guarantee an even distribution of the ultrasonic power throughout thze bath
  • Degas mode for the quick degassing of fresh cleaning baths