Systronic CL 900

  • CL 900 - Čišćenje tiskanih pločica - proces prskanja


Automatic batch pcb cleaning system

The fully automated single chamber cleaning unit CL900 is the ideal solution for Ultrafine cleaning of printed circuit board.

Four rotating spray arms, special PCB tray, high volume circuit cleaning and rinsing of the customized versions provide shadow-free cleaning of your components and guarantees in connection with the effectively designed drying short process times.

The CL900 shines with its compact stainless steel housing, which includes all mounting parts and functions.

The monitoring of the rinse water residue contamination, and the provision of all relevant processes as a file, are parameterizable and accessible via the touch panel of the CL900.


  • batch construction
  • robust stainless steel construction
  • Spray-in Air Cleaning and Rinsing with 4 Sprayarms
  • Different rinsing funktions available (Option)
  • Use of different cleaning media in separate tanks (Option)
  • Traceability secures process
  • Different User Levels provide security