Systronic CL 500

  • CL 500 - Čišćenje maski za printanje i okvira za lemljenje
  • CL 500 - Čišćenje maski za printanje i okvira za lemljenje


Cleaning of stencils, misprints and pcb boards

This fully automated high-end three chambered cleaning system is ideal for middle up to high throughput of stencils. It allows the cleaning of MISPRINTS and STENCILS within the same process.
The three cleaning procedures take place in separate chambers. Short cycle times arise because of the parallel procedures of cleaning and drying. The SYSTRONIC CL500 in stainless steel design offers you a perfect separation of the media: a savings effect because of low mixing and evaporation which pays.


  • Industrial cleaning of stencils, misprinted PCB’s, squeegees and accessories
  • Multiphase-process

Technical description

  • Short cycle times
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy handling and fully automated multiphase-process
  • Loading of the process chamber by  aluminium roller shutter
  • Cleaning, rinsing and drying within one process
  • Separate chambers and circuits for cleaning, rinsing and drying

Base frame

  • Solid stainless steel base frame
  • Easy access of the cleaning system because of removable covers
  • Depending on the small foot print cleaning system can be placed close to the production line cleaning and rinsing and drying chamber:
  • Loading of the parts to be cleaned by roller shutter at the front wall
  • Optimum discharge of the cleaning liquid because of pyramidal outlet from process chamber to cleaning


  • Cleaning procedure with two rotating spraying arms
  • Transitions from cleaning chamber through rinsing to drying chamber by automatic chain drive
  • Optimized separation of cleaning and rinsing liquid – low carry-over
  • Drying with heated recirculated air via cross-flow radiator fan 
  • Short and effective drying process guaranteed

Cleaning and rinsing tank

  • Same construction of both tanks, tankage adjusted to functioning
  • Monitoring of the levels by pressure sensors
  • Built-in and very good accessible filter drawers for the rough filtration of the liquid flow back


  • PLC with operator touch panel
  • Storage of several cleaning programs possible
  • Customized maintenance program
  • Actual operating states are indicated during the cleaning process

Drying unit

  • Warm air releasing and powerful cross-flow radiator fan within the recirculation air process
  • The heated air is circulating around all parts inside the process chamber
  • Specific air flow inside the process chamber by special exhaust flow plates

Technical data

  • Measurements (w x d x h): 2500 x 900 x 1465 mm
  • Compressed air: 6-8 bar standard connection
  • Voltage: 3 x 400 VAC,  50 Hz
  • Power: 7 kW without tank heating, 15 kW with tank heating
  • Tank volume:   Cleaning tank: 75 liter / Rinsing tank: 50 liter
  • Noise: < 69 dBA
  • Weight (empty): Approx. 450kg
  • Max. size of the parts to be cleaned (l x w x h): 800mm x 750 x 40 mm