Systronic CL 430

  • CL 430 - Čišćenje maski za printanje i okvira za lemljenje
  • CL 430 - Čišćenje maski za printanje i okvira za lemljenje

Cleaning of stencils, solder frames, squeegees and misprints

The cleaning system SYSTRONIC CL430 is designed for the use of different cleaning chemistries and water as well.
For example it can be used to clean stencils and solder pallets or pcb´s inside the same machine using different liquids for cleaning and water for the rinsing. As well it can be used to clean small amounts of pcb using chemestry and two different rinsing stages.


The cleaning system consists out of a solid stainless steel base frame and a hermetically sealed process chamber. Furthermore, it contains three equal cleaning cycles existing out of a tank, a pump and a filter system as well as a powerful convection air drying.
The SYSTRONIC CL430 is operated by PLC and guarantees the highest standard concerning the cleaning effect, reproducibility, capacity and ease of use. The use of different stencils, squeegees or frames can be realized with a special adapter (optional) out of stainless steel.

Function of the cleaning system

The SYSTRONIC CL430 is cleaning with rotating spraying arms within a closed loop system. Supply of the spraying arms with cleaning media takes place by a powerful centrifugal pump. It pumps out – over a fine filter unit – the cleaning media out of the feeder tank. The cleaning media runs over a coarse filter unit back into the feeder tank.
This cleaning process unit is implemented inside the machine 3 times. So each of these units using a separate pump, a separate filter and a separate tank. Between each process step (cleaning /rinsing) the spraying arms are blown free by compressed air.The ideal geometry of the cleaning chamber and the use of special plates guarantee a very low loss with respect to the cleaning media.
The drying process functions with compartment air which is absorbed, heated up and blown into the process chamber by means of a special plate for the inflow. To absorb the arising fumes, the cleaning system shall be installed with the local extraction system.


Within the body of the cleaning system, below the process chamber, the stainless steel tanks with the cleaning and rinsing media are placed. Capacity: 75 liters of each.
Included in delivery of the tanks is a coarse filter unit. Via this filter unit the cleaning media is coarsely filtered on its way back into the process chamber. The level of the liquids within the tanks will be controlled via floating switches. Minimum inventories will be shown accordingly. A ground collection tray can be obtained optionally which is collecting the entire cleaning liquid.

Control of the cleaning system

The cleaning system is controlled and supervised by PLC. It contains the cleaning programs and the parameter of the CL430. The possibility to operate the actuators solely is given. All current conditions of the program or malfunction messages will be shown in the operating panel.

Technical Data

  • Electrical input: Cable 5 x 4mm², 2 m long – on request with CEE plug
  • Working voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 NPE
  • Power input: max.32 A
  • Pre-fuse provided by customer: 32 A (all-pole switching)
  • Total power: 9-12kW (depending on tank heaters)
  • Exhaust installation: Tube, external diameter 160mm / 500m³/h
  • Noise: <69 dB(A)

Dimensions / weight

  • External dimensions (w x d x h): 1350 x 1350 x 1750 mm
  • Load height: 900 mm
  • Internal chamber dimensions (w x d x h): 410 x 890 x 930 mm
  • Max. part size: 800 x 800 x 40 mm
  • Tank volumes: Each 75 liter
  • Weight of the machine with tank: Approx.  550kg