Autotronik LD812V

  • LD812V - Autotronik


Heavy-duty welded, uni-body steel frame

Heavy-duty welded, uni-body steel frame provides stability for precision placements even at high speeds.

Vision On the Fly' Alignment system

Upward-aimed true 'Vision On the Fly' Alignment cameras on the pick & place heads allow easy set-up for a wide range of LED components.

Support various PCB board type

Support various PCB board type, includes, LED boards up to 1200 mm long (or option to 1800mm), flexible PCB , or circular PCB.

Support various LED components

Flying vision alignment on various LED components as well as SMDs. Teflon nozzles also available for sticky LED components.

User friendly Windows-based software

With simply parameters inputs, the Windows-based software calculate the component coordination automatically.

UCAD software (option)

UCAD universal CAD import and conversion for direct transfer of PCB data from ASCII, AutoCAD and Excel data formats.

Software tools

Software tools analyze placement data and component mix to provide optimum feeder arrangement that minimizes head travel and tool changes.

Real time monitoring screen

Real time monitoring screen for previewing production progress, production speed and production quantity during production.


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