Elmasonic Plug'N'Clean

  • Plug'N'Clean - Čišćenje tiskanih pločica i metala - ultrazvučni proces

Product info:

  • Manufactured in series for standard cleaning processes
  • The xtra line 2 - plug‘n‘clean concept consists of manual cleaning lines with 2, 3 or 4 chambers in different tank sizes. With these serially manufactured and highly applications-oriented cleaning lines various cleaning processes can be realised and different cleaning tasks accomplished.

Your advantages:

  • short delivery times
  • favourable price
  • xtra 2 technology and components

Functions of plug'n'clean cleaning systems:

  • Multi-frequency with 25/45 kHz (switchable) and power control
  • Sweep, Degas, Pulse and oscillation function are individually activatable
  • Time switch for individual adjustment of the heating start and switch-off of the devices
  • Adjustable temperature for cleaning and rinsing devices (< 80 °C) as well as for drying devices (< 120 °C)
  • Easy retrofit of ancillaries at any time, such as filter pump units, oil separators, etc.
  • Equipped with floor tank as standard

Due to the compact design plug'n'clean cleaning lines can be easily integrated into existing production processes. Furthermore the cleaning lines are extremely service and maintenance friendly with easily accessible and swiftly replaceable components.