DIVISIO 2000 Ergo Base

  • 2000 Ergo Base - DIVISIO Routing


The DIVISIO 2000 Ergo Base is the first step into the stress-free and automatic depaneling of PCBs. It represents a very costefficient solution for the medium-size production volume and product mix.
Due to its flexibility it is also the ideal basis for prototyping, the production of small lots and as back-up for the inline production. The dynamic routing axis is fixed above the electrically-driven rotary table.
This rotary table guarantees short cycle times and a high repeatability. The x- and y-axes work with high-end dynamic linear motor technology, the z-axis is servo-driven. Already existing product carrier adapters can easily be used with the DIVISIO 2000 Ergo Base. The vacuum system is optimized by using the proprietary Tornado-Effect.


  • X- and Y-axis with high-end linear motors
  • Servo-driven Z-axis
  • Electrically-driven rotary table
  • HMI offers comfortable operation
  • Ionization unit
  • Manual tool change
  • Complete tool management
    • Breakage control
    • Length verification
    • Diameter check
    • Life span monitoring
    • dynamic utilization of full router bit


  • Program creation with ASYCAM CAD import
  • Camera system
  • Vacuum exhaust system
  • Integrated handheld suction
  • Adapter technology
    • Product-specific adapters
    • flexible adapter technology
    • Adapter coding for up to 255 adapters