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The SMT Pick & Place Machines of Autotronik series were especially designed for small and medium volume batch sizes. Various models are provided for different applications.
BA389 KFTA series feeder same as the feeder used for Autotronik's BA385, BA392, and BA684 series Pick & Place Machines. By the means most reliability and easy maintenance for all models is guaranteed. Preloaded Ball screws with servo motor system provides high speed, reliability, and stability.
Additionally, the "Vision on the Fly" alignment heads in BA389 are using Cognex® vision system, providing high accuracy and easy learning for all different kind of components.


  • High accuracy and high flexibility for 01005, 0201, SOIC, PLCC, BGA, μBGA, CSP, QFP, up to fine-pitch 0,3 mm
  • Non-contact linear encoder system for hogh repeatability and stability
  • Smart feeder system provides automatic feeder position checking, automatic component counting, production data traceability
  • Perfect for small & medium volume production
  • Cognex® alignment system "Vision on the Fly"
  • Bottom vision alignment system for fine pitch QFP & BGA
  • Built in camera system with auto smart fiducial mark learning
  • Dispenser system
  • Vision inspection before and after production
  • Windows 7 software
  • Universal CAD conversion
  • Placement rate: 10.500 cph (IPC 9850)
  • Ball screw systems in x- and y-axes
  • Suitable for 160 intelligent auto tape feeder