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The JBC Modular Line features 4 control units, 6 stands, 8 tools, and more than 300 cartridges and tips adaptable for the tools.
All components can be freely combined for maximum personalized set-up.
For example, the 4-tools DM station allows to connect 2 soldering irons, 1 pair of tweezers and 1 desoldering iron.
Combine this set-up with a JT hot air station and you will have a complete set of tools capable of almost any type of electronics repair.
Following the above example, combine our 2-tools DD station with any other station.
JBC’s DI, DD and DM stations offer full connectivity to any kind of tools like soldering irons, desoldering irons and tweezers.
Minimum requirements for a functioning soldering station are a control unit, a stand, 1 tool and 1 cartridge.