Systronic CL 800

  • CL 800 - Čiščenje tiskarskih sit in spajkalnih okvirjev
  • CL 800 - Čiščenje tiskarskih sit in spajkalnih okvirjev


Cleaning of solder frames, filters and flux traps
Fully detailed cleaning of SOLDER FRAMES and CONDENSATE FLUX TRAPS.
The single-chambered immersion process with flowing round and air bubble effect for middle and high throughput is a compact system in stainless steel design with low space requirements. All usual cleaning liquid developed on aqueous basis can be used in this fully automatic process of cleaning, rinsing and drying.
  • Industrial cleaning of solder frames, filters and flux traps
  • Multiphase process
Technical description
  • Short cycle times
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Easy handling and fully automated multiphase process
  • Loading over hinged cover into the empty pick-up chamber
Base frame
  • Solid stainless steel base frame
  • Easy access of the cleaning system because of removable covers
  • Depending on the small foot print cleaning system can be placed close to the production line
Process chamber
  • Closely welded stainless-steel process chamber inclusive bubbling effect unit and grid rack for the parts to be cleaned
  • Optional: customized carrier for frames or small parts
Feeder tank cleaning liquid
  • Stainless-steel tank within the cleaning system base frame
  • Monitoring of the levels by pressure sensors
  • Built in and very good accessible filter drawer for the rough filtration of the liquid flow back
  • Optional: heating system to heat up the cleaning liquid
  • Optional: automatic function to empty the tanks
  • PLC with operator touch panel
  • Storage of several cleaning programs possible
  • Customized maintenance program
  • Actual operating states are indicated during the complete process
Functional description
  • Hand operated loading and unloading over process chamber cover
  • Loading in empty condition, thereafter flooding of the parts to be cleaned
  • Optional: immersion process with flowing round effect for permanent recirculation of the cleaning media
  • Optional: equipment of the immersion process with flowing round effect with fine filter unit
  • Additional support of the cleaning process with air bubble effect
  • Via jets air is blown into the cleaning chamber with compressed air   to keep the cleaning media running
  • After the cleaning time the return flow of the complete cleaning media into the tank
  • Automatic rinsing of the parts to be cleaned via rinsing tube within the cover unit
  • Drying automatically by cross flow radiator fan within the cover unit
Rinsing unit
  • Automatic rinsing by nozzles within the cover unit – feeding of the nozzles by a separate pump
  • Several rinsing versions are available: Rinsing unit within a closed circuit / Rinsing directly by tap or DI-water line
  • Optional: automatic water exchange according to the monitored PH-value or the conductivity of the rinse water inside the tank
Technical data:
  • Measurements (w x l x h): 1800 x 1330 x 1500 mm
  • Compressed air: 6-8 bar standard connection
  • Tension: 3 x 400 VAC – 50 Hz
  • Power: 11 kW without tank heating, 18 kW with tank heating
  • Tank volume: Cleaning tank: ca. 350 Liter / Rinsing tank: ca. 100 Liter
  • Noise: < 69 dBA
  • Weight (empty): approx. 500 kg
  • Size of the process chamber (w x l x h): 550 x 550 x 950 mm