LPKF ProtoFlow E

  • ProtoFlow E - Lemljenje


The LPKF ProtoFlow E is a compact, fully convectional and easy-to-use oven, suitable for lead-free reflow soldering of PCBs measuring up to 160 x 200 mm.

Menu navigation makes programming profiles and setting parameters extremely easy, allowing beginners and experts alike to successfully solder a PCB in a few minutes. Ergonomic design incorporates a four arrow keyboard and an LCD to access all functions of the oven. 

Manually driven, see-through drawer, and the illuminated interior of the oven reveals the current status of the soldering process and allows on-the-fly job modification. The heater design and precisely controlled air temperature provide an even heat distribution over the whole PCB surface. 

Optionally, the LPKF ProtoFlow E can be connected to a PC via a USB port for faster and more convenient profiling.

The LPKF ProtoFLow E at a glance:

  • Fully convectional
  • Lead-free reflow process
  • Temperature up to 320 ºC
  • Multi-zone temp./time profiles
  • Optional USB connectivity