Electrolube PE7501 - Clear Amber Polyester Resin

  • PE7501 - Clear Amber Polyester Resin - Smole brez izocianatov

This two-part clear amber Polyester resin uses an innovative blend of technologies to provide the same performance as polyurethane resins whilst removing the hazardous isocyanates used to cure them.

It is a soft, flexible resin which can easily be dug-out in order to remove the cured compound from encapsulated units in order to perform repair work or replace components. Whilst this resin can be easily dug out if required, it will maintain an excellent level of hardness stability over a wide operating temperature range meaning that this does not limit its use.

The resin exhibits a low sensitivity to moisture, both during and after cure and maintains an excellent electrical properties.

This potting or encapsulation compound is a good choice for units which may need to be reworked or repaired at some stage in their working life, while maintaining good characteristics for a range of possible applications.

For Full product specs please see the TDS link below.

Key Properties:

  • Isocyanate free
  • High performance
  • Flexible resin
  • Excellent hardness stability over a wide temperature range (-70 °C to 110°C)
  • Flexible at temperature extremes
  • Low moisture sensitivity during and after cure
  • Exhibits excellent electrical properties
  • Soft, Dig-outable; aids ease of rework