Electrolube SC4003E - General Purpose Silicone Potting Compoun

  • SC4003E - General Purpose Silicone Potting Compoun - Silikon

SC4003E is a two-part silicone potting and encapsulating resin designed for the protection of electronic devices. It has excellent high temperature properties, suitable for use in applications where the operating temperature will be up to 200°C. As with other silicone potting compounds it is soft and flexible offering protection to delicate components, while it has good flow characteristics allowing for easy potting of small or complex units such as small LED drivers. SC4003E also offers a simple mix ratio of 1:1 for ease of processing.

Key Properties:

  • Good flow characteristics to allow the potting of difficult and complex geometries
  • Simple 1:1 mix ratio, for ease of processing
  • Wide temperature range -60°C to +200°C
  • Soft resin, exhibits low stress on components
  • Room Temperature Cure
  • Black Potting Compound / Encapsulant
  • RoHS-2 Compliant