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Tensor: Electric angle screwdriver

Atlas Copco’s unique Tensor motors give the Tensor range outstanding spindle speeds and, thus, help you achieve lower cycle times in your operation. Exceptional ergonomics in terms of balance, grip and low weight make the tools a favorite of the operators and increase individual productivity. All Tensor tools are equipped with LED’s that will indicate the tightening result, green light for tightening OK and red light for NOK. At Atlas Copco we believe that quality is the road to lowest cost of operation over time. A maintained Tensor tool produces the same performance year after year at minimum and predictable costs while ensuring highest possible uptime.
The latest generation of Tensor tools, Tensor STR, take ergonomics and productivity to a new level.

Features & benefits

  • Extremely fast, compact and easy to operate, reducing operation cycle times
  • ESD certified, eliminating electrostatic discharge and reducing costs during assembly
  • Easy to configure function button for operator interaction increasing operation flexibility
  • Configurable LED’s and an integrated speaker for indicating results via audio signals for operator feedback, thus increasing assembly quality
  • Ideal for hand-held and fixtured applications

MicroTorque: Low torque handheld DigiTork electric screwdriver without push-to-start

Whether you are manufacturing high value consumer goods or sensitive electronics, MicroTorque electric screwdrivers are designed to bring precision, productivity and quality to your production. Ultra low-torque applications, starting at 0.5 Ncm, don’t need to be demanding. Electric screwdrivers in the MicroTorque range from Atlas Copco are designed to perform consistently and precisely, time after time. The MicroTorque system is flexible, with the possibility to program different tightening torque levels and strategies, with torque angle and speed control, to meet the most challenging applications. MicroTorque electric screwdrivers provide clear operator feedback: common assembly problems like missing screws, floating screws, cross threads and stripped screws are detected and eliminated. Data can be recorded and used for statistical analysis, for full control over the assembly process. All MicroTorque screwdrivers are designed for use in applications with electronic components, and are therefore ESD (electrostatic discharge) certified. ESD certification means a guarantee against damage of electronic components by an uncontrolled electrostatic discharge from the tools. In practice it certifies that at no point will the material of the equipment hold an electrostatic potential above 100 V for more than 2 seconds.

Features & benefits

  • System with DigiTork screwdriver and MT Focus 400 A—advanced version with 3 Psets.
  • Good ergonomics mean maximum operator comfort: comfortable grip, low tool weight and low noise level.
  • Possible to program via controller interface, with autoset to set torque and batch size, 
    or via PC software interface ToolsTalk MT.
  • Tightening strategy with torque, angle and speed control for detecting assembly problems. In total 3 different Psets can be programmed.
  • The most compact controller available on the market with configurable display providing clear operator feedback.
  • Supports PC/ToolsTalk MT, communication via USB or RS232. Can be integrated in line with configurable 4 inputs /4 output digital signals.
  • The tool ordering number includes a complete system: Controller, screwdriver, tool cable, controller stand, ToolsTalk MT, USB communication cable and power supply.