Atlas Copco Electric nutrunners

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  • Electric nutrunners - Atlas Copco
  • Electric nutrunners - Atlas Copco


The Tensor DS electric nutrunner is used for quality critical applications not requiring traceable measured torque value. The nutrunner Tensor DS offers major productivity and quality gains compared with conventional tooling. Tight spaces demand a crowfoot tool. The Atlas Copco offset crowfoot range has proven in use to have very high durability, as well as maintained accuracy. The crowfoot gearheads are run-in during the production process to ensure constant efficiency. This enables you to have constant settings and the accuracy of your tightened joints will be higher than if you use conventional gearheads.

Features & benefits

  • Non-transducerized
  • The crowfoot gearheads combine minimal size with capacity for high torques. This gives you the best tool for any screw in a narrow space and improves the productivity in your plant
  • The gearheads are made up of two halves, providing the best equilibration of forces in the gearhead and leading to outstanding durability
  • Every shaft in the gearhead has been ground and is supported in the gear housing to prevent axial movement of the shaft. This ensures the best accuracy and durability