Atlas Copco Cordless screwdrivers

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A cordless screwdriver, the BCP is ideal for quality critical applications where flexibility is essential. The slim, well-balanced design and ergonomic pistol grip on the BCP screwdriver make it a pleasure to hold. Its compact size and Lithium-Ion batteries put it among the lightest battery screwdrivers on the market. BCP screwdrivers also offer variable speed and plenty of power, with torque levels ranging from 0.8 up to 12 Nm. All these ergonomic features make the BCP screwdriver the kind of tool you can work with all day long.

Features & benefits

  • Brushless motor and magnetic hall sensors for high durability
  • Unrivaled clutch design for excellent torque repeatability and low mean shift
  • Two strong front lights for best visibility
  • Excellent ergonomics with slim and balanced design
  • LED for OK/NOK/battery status, as well as buzzer for effective operator feedback
  • Speed setting unit integrated in the battery (optional) to get optimum speed for your assembly.
  • Low speed models are available for quality fastening with advanced materials.
  • Li-Ion batteries give more cycles between battery changes.
  • Battery can be mounted in two directions, giving improved accessibility.