Atlas Copco Cordless nutrunners

  • Cordless nutrunners - Atlas Copco
  • Cordless nutrunners - Atlas Copco
  • Cordless nutrunners - Atlas Copco


A fast, light, transducerized cordless tool, the Tensor STB pistol grip nutrunner is ideal for safety critical applications in cramped and large assembly areas where it offers improved accessibility and mobility. No other battery powered tool can match Tensor STB’s unique fastening performance and advanced process control. Atlas Copco Industrial Radio Communication (IRC) enables the Tensor STB to be partnered with a Power Focus controller for accurate torque monitoring and full joint traceability. At a typical workstation, one Tensor STB tool can be used for several applications within the same torque range.

Features & benefits

  • High performance brushless motor with wide torque range gives shorter cycle times.
  • Torque transducer ensures accurate tightenings and traceability.
  • Excellent ergonomics with high power-to-weight ratio and ErgoGrip.
  • Four sets of signal lights give excellent feedback to the operator, avoiding errors.
  • Configurable buzzer for tailor-made operator feedback
  • IRC Industrial Radio Communication to easily communicate with the controller.
  • Configurable button helps you to interact with the tool.
  • Internal bus connection for intelligent accessories such as a barcode reader and torque selector reducing time to read identifiers or switch between programs.
  • Li-Ion batteries give more cycles between battery change.