Bolt Tightening Solution

Frequently chosen by customers in the oil and gas, power generation, wind energy, and other sectors, Atlas Copco world-class bolting tools and software help you maximize process security, minimize human and operational risk and reduce your overall investment costs. Our custom-designed hydraulic bolt tensioners, “smart” hydraulic torque wrench systems, and industry leading electric and pneumatic nutrunners are supported by Atlas Copco's extensive application expertise and worldwide presence.

Atlas Copco's core bolting techniques are hydraulic torque, tensioning, and continuous rotation. Our complete portfolio of advanced bolting tools includes:

  • Hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning systems
  • Electric transducerized nutrunners and pneumatic nutrunners
  • Mechatronic and transducerized manual wrenches
  • Smart Systems
  • Accessories, pumps


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