LPKF ProtoPrint S RP

  • ProtoPrint S RP - Printanje lemne paste


The LPKF ProtoPrint S RP is a precision manual stencil printer. This tabletop model can be used for prototypes and for small batches of fine pitch SMT boards. On-contact fine-pitch printing, precise vertical separation between stencil and PCB, and slow snap-off provides superb printing results. This unique solution allows printing of 0.3 mm (12 mil) pitch (ultra-fine-pitch area).

The LPKF ProtoPrint S RP is equiped with a ZelFlex stretching frame and adapter, used for directly clamping polymer stencils of DIN A4 size, made with a Circuit Board Plotter.

Vacuum table for printing on flex and rigid PCBs as well as for fast clamping of rigid PCBs is available as an option. Flex and rigid boards can be easily moved to the ProtoPlace S together with a vacuum table as 100% compatibility is ensured. The table can be easily and freely moved from one device to another without disconnection or interruption of vacuum.

Product characteristics:

  • On-contact fine-pitch printing
  • Parallel stencil separation
  • Printing populated double-sided boards
  • Compatible with various stencil frames
  • Test print screen included
  • Screen printing
  • Optional vacuum table for printing on flex and rigid PCBs