LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2

  • ProtoFlow S/N2 - Lemljenje


The LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 oven, with lead free capability, has significant advantages over previous models and rich features including a PC control software package. Several user programmable zones between preheating and final reflow enable the LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 to process all reflow profiles up to 320°C.

The reflow process can also be observed through a large glass window assisting the operator to optimize the process parameters. Ideal for prototyping, technology research and pre-production runs the LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2 is a high tech, user friendly, reflow oven with many pre-programmed process profiles which can be easily selected via the LCD display and keypad.

The intuitive software package enabling process parameters to be conveniently changed, managed and archived on a PC, completes the user friendly control features of this sophisticated desktop reflow oven.

An external connection with digital flow meter for inert gas is available for the LPKF ProtoFlow S/N2. The nitrogen atmosphere significantly reduces the oxidation during the soldering process, and ensures Better solder joint results. The LPKF ProtoFlow S and ProtoFlow S/N2 can be fitted with a Profile recorder module for measuring temperatures of particular areas or components on the PCB by using four thermocouple probes. The temperature profile is displayed in real time on the PC.