Hanwha SLM 100 Series

  • SLM 100 Series - Hanwha Precision Machinery
  • SLM 100 Series - Hanwha Precision Machinery
  • SLM 100 Series - Hanwha Precision Machinery


High-speed Smart LED Mounter

The world's first SLM100 Series LED mounter is capable to realize simultaneous pickup with one feeder.
It comes in two different models (SLM 110 and SLM 120) and provides an optimum LED production system.


  • Placement speed: Chip 21.500 CPH – SLM 110
                               Chip 43.000 CPH – SLM 120
  • Applicable parts: 0.6 x 0.3mm up to 32mm IC. Component height up to 8.5mm.
  • Applicable PCB's: 1 PCB – 1200 x 356 mm (L x W)
                               2 PCB – 380 x 356 mm (L x W)

Simultaneous Pickup Solution with One Feeder,

Highest speed LED Production System in the World

Five parts can be pickup simultaneously with one feeder.

Head with variable pitch

The pitch is automatically changed to the pitch between parts for part pickup and to PCB array pitch for part placement.

Non-stop Recognition by Flying Vision System

Refers to the function of part recognition, without stopping during movement, after part pickup using Samsung's own 'On the Fly' image recognition technology. It maximizes part placement speed by making the recognition time zero

Simultaneous Placement of Two PCB's

Depending on PCB size, allows placement of two PCB's simultaneously, maximizing productivity. 

Reinforced Applicability to Long Boards

Allows placement of LEDs on large LED light PCBs with a maximum length of 1200mm.


Applicable to Parallel Arrangement of Machines

Compact machine size and one side operation allows parallel machine arrangement.


Reinforced Convenience Function Dedicated to LED

  • Function of Automatic Arrangement of Placement Points by Rank
  • LED Flip-over Check Function
  • LED Rank Management System
  • Part Misplacement Prevention
  • Automatic Feeder Link and Advance Alarm Function