Asscon VP2100-100

  • VP2100-100 - Lemljenje u parnoj fazi


Inline vapor phase soldering system

All ASSCON Inline vapor phase soldering systems are designed for real Inline-production. PCBs can be handled easily and fully automatic via standard SMEMA interface. The usage of a work piece carrier is thus not necessary.

The ASSCON Inline soldering machines are especially made for operators who have the demand for an automatic production. PCBs are transported directly via pin chain transport. In case needed, work piece carrier can also be transported and handled within the machine. Hence ASSCON Inline vapor phase machine are highly flexible within an electronic production line.

Electric adjustable transport systems allowing a fast and easy way to convert the machine to each individual product. Also the integration in a network with a master computer is possible.

The new VP2100-100 is optionally equipped with the ASSCON patented Multi Vacuum Technology. The optionally enables vacuum module reduces the voids in the soldering joints and improves the quality further.

The ASSCON Inline concept represents

  • Absolutely easy soldering process.
  • Higher throughput.
  • Simple and efficient soldering of assemblies with different thermal requirements.
  • Fast and fully automated change of products – within a few minutes.
  • Minimal production space requirements.
  • Lowest energy consumption and therefore reduced CO2 emissions.

Vapor phase reflow soldering

  • Excellent soldering quality.
  • No oxidation during the soldering.
  • No overheating of products due to the physical temperature restriction of the vapor.
  • Ideal production process for batch-size-1-production
  • Void reduction with Multi Vacuum Technology