LPKF ProtoMat S63

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  • ProtoMat S63 - LPKF


The all-rounder in the new LPKF ProtoMat S series is great for virtually any job in in-house prototyping. The ProtoMat S63 masters 2.5-dimensional material machining and features a faster spindle speed of 60.000 rpm. This also makes it suitable for drilling test adapters and housing production.

Automatic tool change

Up to 15 tools are automatically changed during production. This reduces set-up times and allows for unattended production.

Automatic milling width adjustment

The conical milling cutters produce different insulation channels depending on the penetration depth. The automatic milling width adjustment maintains uniform PCB track widths.


The built-in dispenser applies solder paste onto the substrates fully automatically with minimum data preparation.

60.000 rpm spindle motor

The 60.000 rpm milling spindle ensures the shortest machining times and highest accuracy.

Upgradeable to ProtoMat S103

Upgrade kit includes 100.000 rpm spindle and pneumatic non-contact working depth limiter and vacuum table.