LPKF ProtoMat D104

  • ProtoMat D104 - LPKF
  • ProtoMat D104 - LPKF
  • ProtoMat D104 - LPKF


Uniting the Laser and Circuit Board Plotter

LPKF Protomats can be found in many R&D deprtments around the worls. They enable in-house mechanical machining of PCB substrates to rapidly produce production-quality circuit board prototypes. This product family now includes the LPKF ProtoMat D104, which features an integrated high-precision UV laser.

Multi-Functional and High-Performing

The LPKF Protomat D104 features spindle speeds of up to 100.000 rpm, a 15 position automatic tool-selector, and repeatability of 1 μm. The ProtoMat's integrated UV laser separates itself from traditional milling machines by extending the range of possible applications. With a beam spot size of just 15 μm, PCB track widths of 50 μm,and spaces of 15 μm can be achieved. An intelligent control system and advanced CircuitPro software determine independently when either the precise laser or the faster mechanical tools shoud be used - depending on the board layout.

Mechanical and Laser Machining in One System

  • 15 mechanical tools and a precise UV laser
  • Non-contact tool setting
  • Non-contact working depth limiter
  • integrated fiducial camera / vision system